Bereavement services for Clients

Removing some of the strain and stress associated with the clearance of a property after bereavement.


If you require a FREE no obligation quote within a 15 mile radius of Southampton we are here to help you. It does not matter if you live locally or further afield all arrangements can be done directly or through third parties such as estate agents or solicitors or local family members

We will work closely with you to arrange clearance

Whatever the property size we know from experience that many people can be overwhelmed by the prospect of clearing a large or small family home.

Our team will take away many of the worries by clearing quickly and efficiently. The majority of jobs are completed within one working day


Whichever way you choose to clear a property a cost is incurred, whether it be time, or a monetary cost or both

As a company we can cut through a lot of the expense and time consumption as we have smaller overheads to deal with and RECYCLE were possible to cut your costs

It is always better to discuss your needs as an individual face to face, in person over the telephone or via email if you live further afield

PRICE GUIDE - prices may vary depending on a number of factors, which generally involve the contents to be removed and the size of the property

  • 1 bed House / flat clearance prices start from £250
  • 2 bed house / flat clearance prices start from £300
  • 3 bed house clearance prices start from £350
  • 4 bed house clearance prices start from £450


Cost of disposal per tonne is set by the local commercial waste stations of Hampshire, we try extremely hard to keep the cost to a minimum. Current cost per tonne disposal cost is £179 per tonne

Unfortunately cost is generally done on weight not on quantity but as previously stated we RECYCLE as much as possible to keep the cost down for you as a client

  • Do you want just furniture cleared
  • Do you want all contents cleared
  • Are there any additional areas to be cleared such as the loft, garage, shed or garden
  • What are your requirements in regards to timescale
  • Can you provide easy access to the premises

We understand that when bereavement occurs timescales may vary for individual clients as legal matters need to be dealt with.

If you are ready to proceed give 3- 4 days notice and book in your clearance date. We are here to HELP you with your needs and on most occasions clearance is achieved on the day arranged


Please telephone Joe: 02380 679173 / 07980 138680 or email; [email protected]